Gepost op 14-jun-2020

Crossings People

The new workplace superpower: The ability to focus!

By Evert Akkerman, Partner at Crossings People in Canada - The ability to focus, a great way for HR to add and unlock value.

Leaders can’t guide a company through a key transition, think strategy if they constantly rush from one emergency to the next.
The digital age is a blessing and a curse, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the electronic impulses and random stimuli that come at us all day long.
Advertisers and news media surrender to the assumption that most of us can’t focus for more than eight seconds and reduce everything to a soundbite. Meanwhile, everyone seems to be in flux. Part of problem is that many of us are addicted to the excitement of telling the world that we’re in such demand that our lives are out of control. We know it because we see it.
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